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Ghost Hampton

Welcome to Ghost Hampton, the horror-comedy podcast that will have you laughing and screaming! Each Friday, we bring you a step closer into solving the mysteries that haunt the town of Ghost Hampton, where the supernatural and the absurd collide.

  • Fiction
  • Dark Comedy 
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Cane and Corey

Cane, Corey, and Producer Jai wake up the crowd early in the morning with their hilarious banter and unique takes on the day's hot topics.

  • Morning Show
  • Comedy
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Code Name Siren

Tune in each week as investigator Nina Hobson gets first-hand accounts from psychological experts, operatives, criminal informants, and actual victims of the crimes she investigates..

  • True Crime
  • Investigative 
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 Fairytales With Granny Macduff 

Join Granny MacDuff as she reads classic children’s fairy tales in this award-winning podcast.

  • Kids
  • Family
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Legendary with Kevin Jonas Sr

Kevin Jonas Sr., the patriarch of the Jonas family, talks with entertainment icons about legendary moments and the stories behind them.

  • Music
  • Music Conversations 
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 Open House Party Uncut 

The biggest stars from The Biggest Party On The Planet! Kannon’s unedited, uncut interviews with the most relevant artists on Earth.

  • The biggest stars
  • Insider scoops
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Detective Dexter

Dexter may seem like a normal French Bulldog living in New York City, but he’s actually the famous Detective Dexter, solving doggy mysteries by day, and playing pet by night.

Narrated by Granny MacDuff.

  • Children
  • Detective
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How to Tickle Yourself 

How to Tickle Yourself is a podcast about
the miracle of existence. It’s about spirituality, self-realization, and most
of all - the joy of being a seeker.

  • Philosophy
  • Discover Your True Self 
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Pretty Corrupt Podcast

Taking you inside the reality of reality TV; probing the dark crevices of Hollywood; exploring the rises, falls, scandals, and feuds of the rich and infamous.

  • Scandals
  • Celebrities
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Fear Frequency 

Dr. X.H. Balthazar delves into the world of the uncanny.

  • Horror
  • Fear
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Alice Cooper's Vintage Vault

Alice looks back at what some of rock’s biggest stars had to say about their music, lives, and careers. 

  • Musicians
  • Behind the Scenes
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Marginalized Murder 

We dive into "The Case of the 51", the largest active serial murder mystery in the county. Over the course of twenty years, at least 51 women were strangled to death on the South and West sides of Chicago.

  • True Crime
  • Serial Killers
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Mayhem With Michelle McPhee

Join investigative journalist and author Michele McPhee as she uncovers the FBI’s role in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

  • True Crime
  • Boston Marathon
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Nashfest Podcast Series 

The “NashFilm Podcast Series” will highlight films in the festival across multiple categories. 

  • Narrative Features
  • Music Documentaries
  • Director Features
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