Naked Encore





At one point a curtain closes on all of us – but it always reopens, most of the time bigger and brighter if given the right tools and advice. This time, you’re going to have a real Encore: which must include an honest, real discussion about the authentic you and with the key essentials necessary for a successful and happy next chapter. 

  • Celebrities 
  • Candid Conversations
  • No Filters
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Naked Encore

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It’s time to get real and get naked – emotionally, financially, and what the hell, maybe even literally. You already know there’s life after a breakup or divorce – because you’re living it. Now it’s time to get very comfortable in your own skin. Let’s bare it all to move forward and make your new life magnificent! From cooking for one to co-parenting, looking and feeling your best to a new first date, we’re demystifying this next stage of life through candid, no-filter conversations with real, vetted experts in relationships, law, parenting, finance, beauty, health, fitness, and more. We also have celebrities joining us to talk about their post-breakup experiences, some as divorced couples who have never spoken out before. You’ll learn what they’ve learned and how to be friends after the break up. We want to talk to you the listener and remember to have fun and laugh a lot!

It’s time for your Encore.
Let’s get naked.